2100+ Wifi Names (Cool & Funny) for Network Device (2024)

These impressive Wifi Names for network devices will grab the immediate attention of your neighbor. Creative people are always searching for different ways to highlight their stuff. If you are among them, try these Wi-Fi names ideas that will surprise everyone. We have excellent wifi ideas for almost every category.

We have noticed, especially in commercial areas where the small business owner offers free wireless internet connection for his customer to build a long-term relationship, this is the new normal and best way to keep up to date with fast-growing business. Make your SSID names unique and attractive, and we are here to help you find suitable, witty, cool, Funny Wi-Fi names for your old and new wifi connection.

Renaming your device has been a primary concern; when you bring home a brand router, assign a unique name to your wifi/router network SSID that stands out from the crowd. The next step is to look out for the proper wifi names for your device. You start searching on Google for a unique one, and sometimes tough to find an attractive wifi name.

Social media has largely influenced people around the globe nowadays; people stick to their mobile phones, whatever the circumstance may be. Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our day-to-day life, whether at home or office. To access any information, all you need is an internet connection 24/7; save from fraudulent access, we need to secure our devices from hackers.

Funny Wifi names ideas

Are you tired of searching for Cool, Funny wifi names for your router? In this post, you will find a creative list for you that includes good, funny, best, unique, and hilarious wireless router names exclusively available on our website.

We have filtered a category-based compilation of wifi names and passwords for the highly secured device. With a massive list of popular wifi names such as Marvel, Star Wars, unique, funny, Harry Porter character-based name wifi names, the game of Throne, and much more, you can explore all categories in detail.

Rename your default wifi router, and you can easily do it on your own. I have explained it at the end of the post. Steps to change the wifi name of your wireless device Whenever you buy a new router, the first and foremost thing is to change the default wifi names. Here you get a creative list of witty, funny wifi names based on the popular TV series Game of Thrones and more.

WiFi Names Generator

Try multiple combinations using Wi-Fi names generator tools that will help you generate tons of wifi ideas for your wireless office and home router.

Best WiFi Names for Your Router

Best WiFi Names for Your Router

What’s the best wifi name you’ve ever used? Here, you will explore various wifi names in different categories for all age groups. I am sure you will love this exhausting list of Wi-Fi names!

  • Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  • I’m In Your Closet
  • This is Not Free Either
  • Troy and Abed in the Modem
  • Skynet Global Defense Network
  • Let Me Out Of Your Router
  • Network Not Found
  • I Can Haz Wireless?
  • The Promised LAN
  • Router? I Hardly Knew Her
  • YerBabyIsReallyUgly
  • No Wi-Fi For You
  • Wi-Fi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?
  • Clever Wi-Fi Network Names
  • I’m Cheating on my WiFi
  • InterTubes
  • Occam’s Router
  • Get Off My LAN
  • NotTheDroidsYourLookingFor
  • My Neighbors Suck!
  • Please Connect for Identity Theft
  • God Is Our Rock. He’ll Save You!
  • Hidden Network
  • Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!
  • Abraham Linksys
  • All Your Bandwidth Belongs to Us
  • Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  • Malware Repository
  • Untrusted Network

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Best WiFi names Ideas for Wireless Devices

  • TellMyWifiLoveHer
  • Don’t even try it
  • Virus Infected WiFi
  • Go Home Tourists
  • Network error
  • Yummy
  • No More Mister Wi-Fi
  • Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her
  • Silence of the LANs
  • You Pay Now
  • Last night I saw you naked
  • Hogsmeade
  • Bring Beer and Women to 40.2
  • DarkKnight
  • Use This One Mom
  • The LAN Before Time
  • LAN Solo
  • House LANister
  • Winternet Is Coming
  • The Promised LAN
  • Ping’s Landing
  • Your grammar is more annoying
  • Protected CeX
  • Justin Bieber trivia questions
  • This LAN Is My LAN
  • The LAN Down Under
  • Get Off My LAN
  • The Ping in the North

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Funny WiFi Names

  • I’m Watching You Now
  • Simon Says No Wifi
  • Modem Family
  • Bedroom Drapes Open Please Watch Us
  • Thanks, Obama
  • The Promised LAN
  • Scary Sporty Posh Ginger Baby
  • Call Me Maybe
  • I Believe Wi Can Fi
  • Bandwidth Together
  • Undercover Police Car
  • Got Milk?
  • Penny get your own wifi
  • AOL Dialup
  • Vandelay Industries
  • No Soup For You
  • This Space is Left Intentionally Blank
  • Hidden Network
  • FBI Surveillance Van
  • Slow WiFi
  • Viruses Are Us
  • IP Freely
  • Your Brain On Drugs

These funny WiFi name puns will be difficult to guess.

Unique WiFi Names

You will find unique WiFi names exclusively available at Cool-wifi-names. website, Also get some ideas to generate good wifi names for your Wi-Fi router!

  • Solo LAN
  • Neither do I
  • Jesus sees you
  • Weak Signal
  • I am under your bed
  • Planet Express
  • Will You Be Mine GF
  • I do not have internet
  • Hi Sweetheart.
  • Global Defense Network
  • Wow, What Curvy lips
  • Mom Is Watching.
  • Cool WiFi Names List for Friends
  • A free Wi-Fi $ounds
  • You Are My Crush.
  • Stop Playing Loud Music
  • Many Girlz n Single Router
  • Warning! Malicious Malware Identified
  • Not Available So Use Ur 3G
  • Click to Connect

Cool Wi-Fi Network Name

  • Being Myself
  • Join My Network
  • Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
  • Call me Maybe anytime
  • No Free Wi-Fi Here
  • Beware of dogs
  • Porque-Fi
  • Breaking LAN
  • Challenge Expected
  • Now this is a Story of
  • Enter the Dragon’s Network
  • Titanic Syncing
  • Don’t touch my Daughter!
  • 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable
  • It Hurts When IP
  • Ultra Secure
  • 150 MBPS Speed
  • The Password Is Anderson
  • All magic come with price
  • The Next Door Girl
  • Ask me for password
  • We Like When You Watch
  • Avengers destructible Wi-Fi
  • Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore
  • Check your pocket

Clever WiFi Names List for Network SSID

  • Bill Clinternet
  • I think, therefore I am!
  • WI-FIght the inevitable?
  • Bongo Hotspot
  • How I became the prince
  • Check outside
  • Wireless Sparrow
  • Good Wi-Fi
  • I’m too sexy
  • Guest Internet
  • Moving with your aunty
  • Honey Spot
  • Eagle Wi-Fi
  • Bang Bang!
  • I am not your assistant
  • Password is You
  • I feel naughty
  • Virus infected Wi-Fi
  • I’m In Your Closet
  • Wi-Fi is in the air

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Nerdy WiFi Names For Your Router SSID

What does Nerdy stand for? One who is obsessive about something or has a keen interest in doing something? Nerd! Right? People with a deep interest in doing crazy things in the best possible way are better known as nerds! We have for you fantastic Nerdy wifi Names for your Network SSID.

  • Don’t try to use my Internet
  • Pole Searching For a Hole
  • Karen’s Network
  • Connect and Die
  • Don’t even try it
  • Chess champion
  • I have a Weird WiFe Name Bro
  • Enter the Dragon’s Network
  • Keep it on the Download
  • Password is Cool
  • Quit Using My Wi-Fi
  • Call me idiot
  • Don’t type Wi-Fi Password
  • Candy crush
  • InternetCosts$
  • For p*rn use only
  • DIE like a fly
  • You’re AllNoobs
  • To Create a Soul
  • Breath Wi-Fi
  • Ouch…sat on my nutz
  • Fu#ck off
  • Prohibited Area
  • Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi

Creative WiFi Names

  • Tell My Wifi I Love Her
  • This Wi-Fi is Unsecured
  • Unsecured Wi-Fi
  • BatLAN and Robin
  • My Own Damn Internet
  • GotAnyMoreOfThatWi-Fi
  • GetOffMyLawn
  • It’sDangerousToGoAlone
  • Click Here To Brick Your Phone
  • NSA Surveillance Station 4
  • Click Here For Viruses
  • Wi-Fi So Serious
  • Revenge of the Wi-Fi
  • Does This Look Infected?
  • Enter Wireless
  • Your music is annoying
  • Log in here!
  • find nearby WiFi
  • Pay $1 Per Hour
  • TellMyWiFiSailHello
  • Dialup Internet
  • Good Guy Greg

Game of Thrones WiFi Names Puns

Amazing collection of Game of Thrones Wi-Fi names for your router. It is one of the most popular American drama series of all time. People show love across the globe, people are crazy for the Game of Thrones seasons.

  • Myle Redding
  • Websteros Winternetfell
  • The Ping Slayer
  • ComCasterly Rock
  • The Dornishmens Wifi
  • Tyrion LANnister: the half-WAN
  • All Men Must WiFi
  • Wi-fi is Coming
  • Browsing Strong
  • The Pingslayer
  • Hot Wi
  • We Do Not Load
  • Ours is the Wifi
  • A Wi-Fi has no name
  • The House of Black and WiFi
  • Azor WahFai
  • The Ping of the North
  • The Dornishman’s WiFi
  • KhaleesiKonnections
  • Saena Calmaereon
  • The WiFi that was promised
  • The Brotherhood Without LAN Errors
  • Wi-Fire and Blood!
  • Ping of the north
  • WIldFIre
  • The Master of Wifi
  • Stark of Winterfell
  • Lord of The Iron Islands
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Martell of Sunspear
  • Baratheon of Storm’s End
  • Battle of the Bastards
  • The Master of Whisperers
  • Tyrell of Highgarden
  • Lord Paramount of the North
  • Tully of Riverrun
  • The Night’s Ping
  • Dothraki Sea
  • For the WiFi is slow and full of loading
  • A Song of Ice and Firewall
  • The Night’s Switch
  • Rota Sa
  • Little Fingers Whore House
  • A Router of Ice and Fire
  • Ping’s Landing
  • The Mad PING
  • Taecenarr Maleris
  • The Network That Was Promised
  • There is no word for WiFi in Dothraki
  • The Ping Beyond the Wall
  • House LANnister
  • Lannister of Casterly Rock

Harry Potter WiFi Names Network [SSID]

This is the list based on the Harry Potter movie series? If you are a diehard fan of Harry Porter, this is for you. Get an assorted List you might be looking for you. Complete list of Harry Potter Wi-Fi names for your Network router.

  • Lord Voldemodem
  • Room of Requirement
  • The Whomping Wi-Fi
  • Accio Internet
  • The Triwizard Internet
  • The Black Links
  • Lord Voldemodem Gay
  • The Whomping Wifi
  • Go Away You Mugglee
  • Not Your WiFi, B*tch
  • Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi
  • YerAWiFiHarry
  • Hogwarts School of Free WiFi
  • WIREgardium LESSiosa
  • Go Away You Muggle
  • It’s LeviOSA not LevioSAH
  • Let The Wand Choose It’s Wizard
  • Ministry of Magic Secure Muggle Wifi
  • The Mystery of Darkness
  • Aberto
  • Order of the Phoenix
  • Hermione Gringer
  • The Black Link
  • Connecto Patronum
  • Expelliarmus Your Internet
  • The Patronus Charm
  • Slytherin Common Room Wifi
  • Hogwarts Express
  • Hogwarts
  • The Floo Network
  • IAmUp2NoGood
  • WiFi Guardium Leviosa
  • Alohomora
  • Ravenclaw Common Room Wifi
  • Alohomora Crack the Password
  • Wizard Always
  • Anteoculatia

Star Wars WiFi Names for Router

If you are Star Wars movie fan? This amazing list of funny Star Wars WiFi names is for you to choose accordingly.

  • Leia Organa SoLAN
  • It’s my Galaxy
  • The Profundity SSID
  • Shoretrooper
  • Suck my force
  • Zeta Class Imperial Shuttle
  • The Death Star Gunner
  • Aayla Secura Here!
  • Tantive V
  • holonet5
  • Cave Of Evil
  • MosEisleyEscortService
  • Controller LT-319
  • The Last Jedi
  • The Last Jedii
  • Obi-Lan Kenobi
  • Chewbaccane
  • Archeon Nebula WiFi Galaxy
  • A New Dawn
  • Tantive IV
  • Death Star Wireless Zone
  • R2D2serialpor
  • Astromech Droid Router Repairers
  • holonet
  • Looking for WiFi in Alderaan Places
  • Let the WiFi-key win
  • IGV-55 surveillance vessel
  • Killun Wi-Fi Station
  • X-Wing WiFi Fighter
  • Clone Force 99
  • Shoretrooperr
  • Millennium Falcon
  • Docking Bay 94
  • Concordia
  • Not the Wifi your looking for
  • Jar Jar Linksys
  • The Domino Squad
  • Killun WiFi Station
  • Bahryn Meteorite
  • Luke, I am your wifi

Disney WiFi Names [Wireless Router SSID]

Get an extensive list of Disney Wifi Names based on Disney characters, dialogues, and movies. You can try these names for your wifi network.

  • LANderella
  • The Router Dance
  • The Seven Dwarfs Internet Router
  • MagicFountain
  • LANtasia
  • Livin’ With The LAN
  • Snow-Wifi
  • Monsters edu
  • The Wifion King
  • Mickey Mouse’s Wi-Fi
  • Router Rider
  • Goofy’s Internet
  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority Data Mover
  • Donald Internet Duck
  • It’s a Small World Wide Web
  • Anna Internet Belle
  • 11 Dalmations
  • Peter Pan’s Wi-Fi
  • The Circle of Wifi
  • Lady and the Wi-Fi
  • Haunted House
  • The Shaggy Wi-Fi
  • The Wi-Fion King

Best Marvel WiFi Names Puns List

Great compiled a long list of Marvel WiFi Names for you. If you are a die-hard fan of superhero movies, especially from Marvel Comic Universe, I am sure you are going to love this.

  • Project INSIGHT
  • WANessa
  • Iron LAN
  • It’sAllConnected
  • The WiFi Soldier
  • Stark Industries
  • The BT Infinity Stones
  • Steve Rogers
  • SuperHuman LAN
  • NoStringsOnMe
  • SkyeLab
  • the Bifrost
  • ItsAllConnected
  • Ant-LAN and the WiFi
  • Spider-LAN: Home Network
  • Wi-Man and the Fi
  • Angel Dust
  • INeedThatGuy’sWiFEYE
  • Browsers Assemble!
  • StarLord Password: who???
  • Ant-Lan & The Wifi
  • PowerCosmic
  • WiFibranium
  • The Dark World Wide Web
  • Web of Spiderman
  • Guardians of the Gateway
  • Captain America: The WiFi Router
  • Ant-Man
  • WiMan & the Fi
  • PhoenixForce

Office WiFi Names for Your Router

Exclusive lines on Office Wi-Fi names will surprise neighbor office colleagues, and then you can apply these wireless network names to your router. Find a detailed list Office office-related wifi Names.

  • Fire Guy
  • Dunder MiffLAN
  • Zero Clark Thirty
  • Vance Refrigeration
  • Annex Wifi
  • Bob Vance
  • Wi-fire guy
  • TheDundies
  • Jimbo
  • Dunder Mifflin
  • OakyAfterbirth
  • Nard Man
  • Threat Level Midnight
  • Little Kid Lover
  • Nard Dog
  • Schrute Farms
  • I Am Sith Lord
  • Big Tuna
  • Boner Champ
  • Threat Level Midnight
  • Baby WaWa

Concluding Remark on Wi-Fi Names List

You have just explored the exhaustive collection of wifi Network Names for every category. You can share on different social media sites like Instagram, Twitter & Facebook as much as you can; your effort will be appreciated.

Wifi Names Wireless Device FAQs

Most people are confused about setting up SSID names and passwords. Here we will share simple steps to change your wireless network router configuration.

SSID (Service Set Identifier) is a technical term of the network name. Assign a name when configuring the wireless router. We use the same SSID Name to connect to other devices, i.e., mobile and desktop.

  • SSID name – should be max. Of 32 characters.
  • Some router allows special character.

There is no restriction at all. You can whenever you feel like it.

Following are the steps to change the wifi names; just follow the simple steps.

  1. Just type in IP Address:
  2. Go to Wireless tab: wireless settings.
  3. You can see on the dashboardè the wifi router name & password. You can now change your SSID name and password.